Trendzmy Police Lanyard/Police Leather Belt with Buckle/khaki Socks

Trendzmy Police Lanyard/Police Leather Belt with Buckle/khaki Socks


Size Chart
Size Chest
XS 34
S 36
M 38
L 40
XL 42
XXL 44
3XL 46
  • IDEAL FOR: This Accessories set was suitable for the Police department, Especially for Sub Inspectors
  • MATERIAL: Star, Shoulder badge, Whistle, Cap badges, and belt buckle, are made with brass and Chrome finish. the belt is made of rexine leather.
  • QUALITY: Overall build quality of these accessories is very fine and long last life.
  • DESIGN: Whistle without moving parts, no sound obstructing, and nothing to jam, break or freeze airflow.
  • COMPONENTS: Cap badge, Whistle, T.P. Shoulder, Stars, Red&blue sh / ribbon, Lanyard khaki, leather belt with  police buckle, khaki socks

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Product Description

This Accessories set was built with High-quality materials. The whistle is made with pure quality brass material. Stripes are made with nylon fabric material, it will not fade out the color over a year.  The belt is made of leather and is extra shining. Buckles are made of brass and chrome finish. Socks are made cotton.


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