Returns Policy

Since operates under a trade Channel, we procure many orders from our Trade partners at various levels and ensure the most economical retail value of your ordered product, so the Return of any such product lies under some policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by the respective sellers to you to ensure that these Sellers would not get losses in providing products at an economical and completive price.

Products listed under a particular category may not have the same returns policy. For all products, the policy on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy. Do refer to the respective item’s applicable return policy on the product page for any exceptions to the table below.

The return policy is divided into three parts; Do read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.

1.       Lifestyle including  Watches, Sunglasses, Fashion Accessories 3 Days
1.    Lifestyle: Sport & Fitness Equipment, Baby Care, Jewellery, Accessories, Travel Accessories 2 days

Refund or replacement

2.    Home:  Home décor, Furnishing,           Home Improvement Tools, Household Items, and Pet Supplies; 3 days

Refund or replacement

3.       Electronic products with Unbranded Tags with Origin from India or China including Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Smart Watches, etc As per Company policy..

In any case of any Brand involvement for any Branded Product any Warranty/

Guaranty would be provided only through the respective Brand…

Customer has to contact the respective Brand Customer care for any type of Complaints

and requirements and is not responsible for any such service from

our end..For products requiring installation, returns shall be eligible only when

such products are installed by the brand’s authorized personnel.

Though as a Seller Trendzmy would coordinate and help their esteemed customer

in contacting the respective Company customer care To help you

resolve issues with your product, but would not be able to provide any help beyond


4.       All Electronics, Furniture, and Large appliances including Brands like Apple / Beats, Google Products, and Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, computers, Watches, etc.. For all functionality-related issues, do contact the brand-authorized

service center directly.

·         Authorized Service Partner Locator :

o    Apple / Beats –

o   Google-

·         Brand Support Site :

o    Apple / Beats –

o    Google –

5.       No Returns categories Some products in the above categories are not returnable due to

their nature or other reasons. For all products, the policy on the product

page shall prevail.

You can view the complete list of non-returnable products below

To ensure the productivity of all the Orders we, work constantly. Our team members verify every order we receive by calling each customer on their respective registered contact numbers provided by the customer during Ordering. This Verification Call is done only to ensure and reconfirm the Order, Size (if any), and the address (with landmark) that may be missed during the registration or while Placing the Order. This verification call also ruled out the possibility of any Fake Orders or orders placed by mistake…

Any Order is Processed Only after this Verification call gets a Positive nod from the Customers.

Trendzmy team would try to contact the customers for verification Orders for 3 days till the verification is done and still, the customer fails to pick up their phone or we can not reach the customer the Order stands Cancelled from our end and we will initiate a refund (if paid in advance) by the customer after 4th working day. is committed to providing its products at the Most Economical Pricing Tag. Many times Mistakes Happen while delivering those products like the Wrong Size or Color, wrong Design, or other reasons. takes all responsibility if the Delivered product does not match your order and you wish to Exchange it. just initiate a Return/ replacement after describing the reason for the Return/replacement and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

If in any case, the product delivered does not match with Order we will generate the Pick up FREE OF COST for you.

But if the Product delivered matches the Order and the still customer wants the Exchange/Return of the product then the Customer has to bear the Pay Pick charges for the product. The Exchange/Refund of the remaining amount will only be initiated after the Product reaches our Center. Please remember any Exchange/Refund will only be initiated when we receive all the products in the As We Sent state.

Since works on a very small margin, we can’t bear the Loss of our Customer’s mistake/ negligence.  In this case if the Customer Exchange the product they shall have to bear the Pick Up charges and if they want to Return the product, the cost amount of the Product will be Provided back after Deducting Pick Up charges amount.

Products lie under NON-RETURNABLE LIST and Not Acceptable Returns are

Category Products that can’t be returned
Auto Accessories Additives, Air Fresheners, Brighteners, Cleaners, Bike/Car Stickers,

Degreasers, Dent/Scratch Removers, Filler Putty, Headlight Vinyl Films,

Liquid Solutions, Lubricants, Polish, Power Steering Fluids, Sealants, Oils

and Wax

Altered or Repaired Any Clothing or Accessories or Equipment or any other product like,

Lehengas, Suits, and Dresses that are Altered or Stitched as per the Order

Bath and Spa Bath Bubble/Salt/Sponge/Wash, Body Wash, Loofahs, Scrubs,

Shampoos and Soaps

Baby Care Bottle Nipples, Breast Nipple Care, Breast Pumps, Diapers, Ear Syringes,

Nappy, Wet Reminder, Wipes and Wipe Warmers

Cleaning Products Cleaning Gels, Detergents, Detergent Pods, Fabric Wash Products,

Surface Cleaners, Stain Removers, and Washing Bars/Powder

Used Product Products that are Mal-Handed or Used beyond Getting Sold after Return
Without Accessories Original Tags and Packing Items that are Opened and Exposed without Tags and Rip off Original

Packing without proper Handling or Missing accessories supplied along


Fashion Baby Dolls, Clothing Freebies, Lingerie Wash-bags, Petticoats,

Shapewear, Socks, Stockings and Swimsuits

Footwear Accessories Oils, Glue, Grease, Socks, Shoe Deodorants/Polish Creams

/Sprays and Wax

Gardening Products Plant Saplings, Plant Seeds, and Soil Manure
Health Care Sexual Pleasure items, Antiseptic, Band-Aid, Body Pain Relief, Eye Drops, First Aid Tape,

Glucometer Lancet/Strip, Healthcare Devices and Kits, Medical

Dressing/Gloves and pH Test Strip

Home Products Adhesives, Barbeque wood, Bird/Insect Repellent, Contact Cement,

Crack Fillers, Inks, Guitar/Yoyo Friction Stickers, Marker Refills,

Mosquito Coil/Vaporiser/Vaporiser Refills, Naphthalene Balls,

Scuba/Smoking-Pipe Mouthpieces and Sprays

Hygiene Cannula, Contact Lens, e-Hookah, Fake Moustache, Female

Urination Devices, Menstrual Cups, Needles, Panty Liners,

Shaving Products, Smoking Patch, Straws, Sweat Pads,

Tampons, Teeth Whitening Products/Wipes, Tissues, Toilet Tissue Aids,

Toilet Rolls and Women Intimate Care

Innerwear Bra Accessories, Briefs, Boxers, Lingerie Sets, Panty, Garter, Trunks and


Jewellery Coins
Music Instrument Accessories


Cancellation Policy.

Customers can raise a cancellation request at any time till our Trendzmy team calls to Verify their order. One can cancel the Order on call during the Verification call without Mentioning any reason.

If Cancellation cannot be so immediately, ensure raising the cancellation request before the order is moved for procurement.

Order once moved for procurement CANNOT be canceled.

In case, any Prepaid Order has been canceled an order within two hours of placing it or before it has been moved to procurement – We will initiate a refund immediately and the Customer shall get a refund within 24 working hours in the same account they had paid from.

Order once shipped from our warehouse CANNOT be canceled, but if you are unsatisfied with your order upon delivery, you can raise a Return request and the same will be considered according to the Return Policy.

If due to unavoidable circumstances, or situations beyond our control, your order is not processed, cannot be procured or is not shipped to you within a certain time, the order shall stand canceled, and the entire amount will be refunded to you; no liability shall be incurred by either side.