• Trendzmy Forehead Digital Thermometer

    Digital Infrared Thermometer can detect temperature from a distance of 2cm-4cm without touching the body. Non-contact technique reduces potential spread of diseases and maintains hygiene.
    Simple to use and safe to measure body temperature range between 34°C – 42.9°C
    Once laser is aimed at target, the temperature will be shown on the LCD display after 2 secs and it can store upto 32 records
    Each box has 1 pcs of Digital Infrared Thermometer. It consumes power by 2 x AA batteries (not included in pack)
    Suitable for use at Airports, Railway stations, Office, Schools, Malls & for Home & Personal use.
    Non-contact Measuring – Keep a safe and comfortable distance without physical contact when reading temperatures, and can help you track the health status at your home or workplace.
    Accurate and Quick temperatures Readings : The Non Contact Infrared Body Thermometer has been tested for accuracy and reliability. You just need to pressing a button when you using this forehead digital thermometer, then it will provides accurate temperature instantly.
    Safe & Hygienic : Non-Contact Digital LCD infrared thermometer, display more clear, safer and more convenient.
    Reliable and Stable Measurement : Three colors of green orange red temperature display, if you have a fever or high temperature, there will be an instant beeper of the infrared thermometer.
    Fever Alarm: Once thermometer detects high temperature it will give an alarm. Clinically tested and calibrated for consistent results every time.


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